A Great Oblique Exercise For Better Sport Performance

Supine Spinal Hip Twists – spinal rotation at the hips, while lying on your back and stabilizing the shoulders. This exercise is performed with the arms at 90 degrees, like a “T”. It is very important that your arms and shoulders do not come off the floor. Either done with bent knees or straight legs, the Supine Spinal Hip Twist primarily works the obliques, but also strengthens the upper back and lengthens the pecs. It is great for building rotational strength and balance, which is critical for many sports.

Do up to 30 total reps, 15 each side, while alternating or 10-15 reps unilaterally (more difficult).

ext_int_obliqueBent Knees: with the hips and knees kept at 90 degrees while moving the legs side to side. Place a small ball or yoga block between the knees and hold in place. Keeping the feet apart, they will want to come together, as much as the knees will help establish better muscular balance at the hips. Lift one hip off the floor as your legs move to the opposite side, towards the floor. If you can touch the floor, try to touch the knee, calf and outside of foot to the floor at the same time and lift off the floor together too. It is very difficult to touch the floor with good form and not necessary. Place a medicine ball or block between the knees for added resistance.

Straight Legs: with legs straight and nothing between the knees, 90 degrees at hip and knees extended straight. This is a very difficult movement, especially if you have tight hamstrings and weak abdominals. Your range of motion will be less with bent knees. Besides working the obliques, supine spinal hip twists with straight legs will work the abdominals, hip flexors and quadriceps more than with bent knees and actively lengthen the hamstrings and calves.